• What do MARY+JANE Cannabis Fragrances smell like?

    The fragrances from MARY+JANE are smooth and balanced with a lingering sweet hint of the flowering cannabis plant. The subtle finishes make our fragrances completely wearable, while the distinct and unmistakable Cannabis note keeps each scent exciting at the same time. 

  • Why is the debut scent named Blue Dream?

    Our first fragrance is named Blue Dream after one of the most beloved strains of Cannabis. Originating in California, the Blue Dream strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that finds a happy median between Blueberry, an indica and Haze, a sativa. 

  • What does the MARY+JANE Blue Dream fragrance smell like? 

    Blue Dream is a well-blended fragrance inspired by the popular marijuana strain. The fragrance starts with the sweet aroma unique to the strain, with the characteristic hint of animalistic skunk of Cannabis. The scent also carries an earthy scent with pepper tones that linger along with the subtle sweetness. 

    Blue Dream is deep and penetrating, but it’s also a simple and wearable scent. You can wear this scent from MARY+JANE Cannabis Fragrance every day, everywhere. 

  • What kind of quality can I expect from MARY+JANE Cannabis Fragrance?

    MARY+JANE scents are well blended and designed to be long lasting. Lovers of this fragrance line can wear the scent all day and all night. The fragrances are also hand-finished, ensuring a top quality product. 

  • Is MARY+JANE Cannabis Fragrance legal and safe?

    Of course! There is absolutely ZERO actual cannabis in our products. 

    Cannabis is a natural medicinal herb that has been used in many traditional practices. In most places, the possession of actual Cannabis/marijuana, is still illegal. However, our products are simply inspired by the cannabis plant and are completely legal to purchase and wear. 

  • Why design a perfume based on the Cannabis note?

    Embracing Cannabis as part of everyday life and style is part of today’s defining movements. The brand’s creators believes in the versatility and power of Cannabis. 

    The scent of Cannabis also invokes the freedom associated with the plant. Wearers of this scent will be reminded of long, lazy afternoons and the open possibilities of the future. 

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