MARY+JANE is leading the movement towards embracing Cannabis as part of everyday life and style. Cannabis is a natural medicinal herb that has great potential in medicinal, recreational, and now fashion. Liberate your senses with our Cannabis note inspired fragrances.

In designing and selling fragrances with the distinct scent of Cannabis, MARY+JANE is crystallizing the beauty and freedom associated with the herb. Wearers of MARY+JANE can carry the bold yet subtle scent of cannabis and the liberating feeling that it carries with them as they work or play. 

MARY+JANE Products

The fragrances from MARY+JANE are made with only the best in industry standards, from the selection of raw materials to the blending and finishing of the scents. The care put into the process ensures that the fragrances are wearable, smooth, and lasting. 

The debut fragrance from MARY+JANE is Blue Dream, which captures the unique scent and experience of the popular marijuana strain. The simple and subtle scent begins with the blueberry aroma alongside the distinctive and animalistic skunk of Cannabis. The skunky scent of Cannabis is balanced by the sweeter notes of blueberry, peppery and earthy spice and flowers. 

Ultimately, MARY+JANE products are about capturing the taste and experience of Cannabis for the modern-day individual. 

Balancing Freedom and Subtle Sweetness

The distinct scent of Cannabis can be powerful and evocative, but it can also be a rank and off-putting scent when overwhelming. Creating the perfect line of Cannabis fragrances involves a delicate and complicated balancing act.

At MARY+JANE we combine the unique top notes of Cannabis and more subtle scents to create fragrances which can be worn every day and anywhere. The resulting fragrance is deep and penetrating. It is versatile, exciting, and perfect for both men and women. 

About the Creators

MARY+JANE follows the efforts of Cannabis activists, who are passionate about advancing mainstream acceptance of Cannabis and marijuana reform.

To ensure we keep our customers satisfied with our products and services, we have formed a partnership with one of the leading fragrance manufacturers in the country: Demeter Fragrances. 

We believe that our mission is in line with Demeter Fragrances’ belief that every person has their personal scent preference. And fragrances that specifically cater to your personal preference are what MARY+JANE is all about.   

Cannabis offers innumerable of benefits to the modern consumer.

Now, its characteristic scent inspires feelings of creativity, soul-serving relaxation, and brave possibilities. 

Embrace the freeing and empowering scent of Cannabis today.